Torture trial at the Koran course in Erzurum: The defendants attacked the lawyers

The 21-year-old accused, who was on trial for allegedly sexually abusing 7 children in a boarding Quran course in Erzurum, confessed to his crime. The court sentenced the accused to a total of 119 years and 6 months in prison on charges of ‘sexual abuse’ and ‘deprivation of liberty’ against 7 children.

The hearing of another case opened due to torture inflicted on children was held today. During the trial, the lawyers of the Children and Women First Association were attacked.

After the attack on lawyer Ahmet Kılınç and Lawyer Çisel Demirkan, the suspects who tortured boys in the Quran course were arrested.

The association’s lawyer Müjde Tozbey tweeted on the subject:

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