New regulation from the Ministry of Health: Change in the family medicine system

Ministry of Health, started a new practice in the family medicine system. Although there is no official announcement by the Ministry, according to the regulation, citizens who want to change their doctor online, “cannot register with physicians whose population is over 3500.z” warning.


According to the news in the daily Milliyet, making a statement on the Hacı Yusuf Eryazğan, Chairman of AHEF Organizing Commission and President of Şanlıurfa Association of Family PhysiciansProgress payments of family physicians are registered to them; While it was dependent on many criteria such as the number of babies, children and pregnant women, the number of physicians increased to 29 thousand with 4000 physicians included in the system in the last 5 years. This, in turn, reduced the income of family physicians by 30 percent, apart from the 70 percent meltdown in the face of inflation, since there was no increase in the number of floors.

– Last night, in some ministry practices, the fact that the citizen could not register with a family doctor with a population of over 3500 has no provision in the family medicine regulation, in the law, because the limit is still 4000. The population per family physician should decrease, but this increase should not reduce the physicians’ incomes by 50 percent. The lost coefficient must be replaced with an increase in the number of floors.

We saw that a family doctor who entered the system received 6500 liras with 1000 population. This is a shame, the coefficient increase is urgently needed. In addition, it is unconstitutional to deprive individuals of their right to choose a physician in health care. The family medicine system cannot be strengthened through coercion and unlawful procedures.”


According to the statements of health professional organizations, such an application will affect metropolitan cities with heavy workloads.. It is stated that almost every family health center in Istanbul is faced with this situation. According to the latest data, the number of citizens per family doctor in Turkey is 3249. It is aimed to reduce this number to 2700.

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