Stunning claim about Trudeau’s assistant: Associated with Ukrainian Nazis

As the relentless war that broke out between Russia and Ukraine enters its fourth month, the information leaked from the information war between the parties continues to occupy the agenda. The Nazi presence in Ukraine is one of the most speculated subjects.

french journalist Thierry Meyssanin his article on Voltairenet, “Since the beginning of WWII, all Liberal governments that have come to power in Canada support the far-right Banderit movement in Ukraine” suggested. Meyssan took his argument one step further, by the Liberal Prime Minister. Justin Trudeau‘s assistant Chrystia FreelandHe also revealed in detail that he is a politician with Banderite roots.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freelandin Toronto on February 27, 2022. Nathan Phillips SquareAddressing Ukraine supporters at Photo: PAIGE TAYLOR WHITE / TORONTO STAR

Here are the prominent information and claims in that article:


In February 2022, at the beginning of the war, the first foreign fighters to arrive in Ukraine were Canadians. The first foreign officer arrested by Russian forces on May 3 was a Canadian general. Canada clearly has a secret role in this conflict, despite being more than 6,000 kilometers away from Ukraine.

CIA’s ties to the Nazis during the Cold War Pique, Church and Rockfeller Congressional Commissions It was not discovered until 1975, and the President Jimmy Carter while ending with Liberal Party of Canada‘s ties with the Nazis continued. Canada is the only country in the world outside of Ukraine to have a Banderite minister and moreover, “This minister is the government’s number two.”


When the United Kingdom was at war in 1940, William KingThe Liberal Canadian government of ‘s support of anti-Bolshevik immigrants and pro-Soviet United Ukrainian Canadians Association (AUUC) and to the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) to fight against Ukrainian Canadian Congresswhat (UCC) founded. Pro-Soviet libraries and synagogues were also banned. Liberal Party of the Kingdom of Canadawas founded against Republican ideas, not conservative.

Prime minister William KingHe was loved by his countrymen during the Second World War, but was booed by his soldiers every time he visited them in Europe. Until 1991, the Liberal Party always held anti-Russian positions, but also became anti-Soviet and always interpreted Christianity as an “anti-Jewish” movement.


At the end of the Second World War, Canada Lyon Mackenzie and Baltic Nazis It was a refuge for Between them Volodymyr Kubijovycreal name Mykhailo Khomiak the one which… “Michael Chomiak” and the Nazi newspaper in Central Europe Visti in KrakivsIt also had editors.

Minister of Direct Nazi Propaganda Joseph GoebbelsWorking under the control of Chomiak, he never denied his collaborative past. On the contrary, always OUN(B) for militancy. grandson of the current Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Chrystia FreelandHe also raised him in this spirit. Far from denouncing the crimes of the Banderites, Freeland began his career at the age of 18 with Kubijovyc’s Ukrainian Encyclopedia He had started as a journalist working for (available online). Later, the Canadian newspaper Banderites The Ukraine News, ABN and CIA American Banderites newspaper affiliated with The Ukraine Weekly worked for Then he went to the Soviet Union. Soviet authorities questioned the Canadian government for its support of the Banderites and blocked Freeland’s return. Freeland, after the collapse of the USSR, first Financial Times‘s Moscow bureau chief, then The Globe and Mail‘s assistant editor and finally Thomson Reuters DigitalHe became its editor-in-chief.

Assistant Editor of The Globe and Mail Chrystia FreelandPresident of Russia Vladimir Putin and in his Kremlin office, December 2000


Chrystia Freeland ‘Sale of the Century: Russia’s Wild Journey from Communism to Capitalism and Plutocracy: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else’ In his articles and books entitled, he developed two theses that his grandfather loved very much:

“He criticized the ultra-rich almost exclusively on Jewish examples, and at every opportunity he denounced first the USSR and then Russia….”

It should be noted that fascism was a reaction to the economic crisis of 1929 and proposed a nationalist class alliance by companies. The Nazis and Banderites added a terrifying racial dimension to it. By targeting the super-rich, Chrystia Freeland rightly addresses one of the main issues of our time. Today only finance is profitable, production is in crisis. By noting that Jews outnumber the super-rich relative to their total population and arguing that this relationship is important, Freeland sneaks readers into a racial reading.


Polish-Ukrainian Liberal MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj In 1991, it fought hard to make Canada the first country in the world to recognize Ukraine’s independence. Thanks to his family fortune, he created a service that delivered news from Ukraine to members of parliament. Documents on Ukrainian nationalists during World War II Volodymyr Kubijovyc and “Michael Chomiak” financed its archiving. Admittedly, the Encyclopedia of Ukraine is not a scientific work, but a rehabilitation of Banderites and a falsification of history. Borys Wrzesnewskyj future President of Ukraine thanks to family ties Viktor Yushchenkointroduced to Canada.

Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chrétien In 1994, with Ukraine Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation negotiated and in 1996 made a request for NATO membership.

Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin Canada under the leadership of Washington in January 2004. “Orange Revolution” participated in the preparations. Canadian Ambassador to Kyiv Andrew Robinson, Viktor YushchenkoHe held meetings with his colleagues from 28 countries to bring the . The aim was to disperse the political line of President Kuchma, who accepted Russian gas rather than support the US exploration for oil in the Caspian Sea.


Canadian ambassador, Ukrainian Center for Economic and Political Studies‘Why Oleksandr RazumkovHe funded research into the presidential election fraudulent and is also a NATO strategist. Gene Sharp‘s association porato (Time came!) He provided $30,000.

Pora organized organized demonstrations based solely on Razumkov’s poll, thus canceling the election and holding another election. Canada spent $3 million to send 500 election observers to the country. second choice Viktor Yushchenkobrought to power. Pora teamed up with Yushchenko and acted as special adviser. George Soros‘s employee and leader of Pora Vladislav KaskivU.S.-trained officer and head of the Razumko Center, also as Secretary of Defense Anatoly Gritsenko chosen.

Liberal Party Member of Parliament Borys Wrzesnewskyjwas quite active, especially during the Orange Revolution. His sister Ruslana was very close to Ms. Yushchenko. He invested $250,000 Canadian to support the movement and used his central Kiev apartment to coordinate demonstrations between the two elections. Pora supporters “Canada!” shouted slogans and waved the Canadian flag.

Liberal Party Member of Parliament Borys Wrzesnewskyj17th Prime Minister of Canada John Turner with “Orange Revolution” during his studies in Ukraine


Chrystia FreelandHe started his political career from the Liberal Party in 2013. Toronto He started by being elected as a deputy. In 2014, in Kiev, where she met the main actors. “Revolution of Honor”He supported the coup (i.e. the Banderites coup).

spokesperson of the embassy Inna TsarkovaHe was one of the leaders of the Square movement. The embassy, ​​located next to the Square, has been a haven for protesters for a week. They camped in his hall and Neo-Nazi group C14, He took refuge there during the massacre they carried out on February 18.

President in Canada, Ukraine Viktor YanukovychAfter the overthrow of the Banderites came to power UNIFIER (Canadian Armed Forces Ukraine Joint Task Force) founded. The aim was to train the Ukrainian army and develop the military police force. The operation was carried out at the behest of London and Washington; It involved sending 200 trainers and non-lethal equipment to Ukraine. It ended just before the Russian operation, which began on February 13, 2022, in order not to put Canada in a state of war. Canada provided approximately 900 million dollars in aid to Ukraine in 8 years.


in 2017 Russia Insider When the site revealed his grandfather’s criminal past and his still-standing close ties to the Banderites, he denied the facts and “Russian propaganda” he condemned the event. However, on February 27, a group OUN(B) He was seen on a march with his banderite. The photo he shared was quickly removed from his Twitter account.

Reacting to the Russian military operation with its NATO partners, Canada renewed its war budget to allocate an additional $500 million for the Ukrainian military, including the Banderites.

neo-Nazi operating in Ukraine Azov Battalion

Justin TrudeauOn March 2, nearly 20 countries signed a statement condemning Russian disinformation. The aim was to prevent the spread of information about Ukrainian and Canadian Banderites.

Canada unconditionally supported the Banderites, who defended the racial superiority of the Ukrainians over the Russians, despite their declarations of principles advocating the equality of all peoples.

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