Iran calls for a deal to the USA: New approaches must be taken

Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Emir Abdullahiyanits French counterpart Catherine Colonna talked to him on the phone.

Hussein Emir Abdullahiyan, USA on talks with “The US side joined Doha without a new approach based on progress. We do not find it right to repeat the previous political position, we believe that new approaches should be exhibited” said.

Abdullahiyan, Tehran administration DohaReiterating that he evaluated the talks in , generally positive, he said:

“We need to see how the American side will take advantage of the diplomatic opportunity. The path of diplomacy is still open. We are serious to reach a good and lasting agreement. We have always presented our positive suggestions and ideas in the negotiations.”

Abdullahiyan also noted that his country has fulfilled its promises and that they expect the other side to fulfill its commitments.

French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna also emphasized that the talks should continue and the sanctions against Iran should be lifted.

Colonna, “We should use the opportunity for dialogue and negotiation and try to reach an agreement that satisfies all parties.” used the phrases.

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