Last Minute: Entry ban to forests in Istanbul

In Istanbul, the Governor’s Office imposed a ban on entry to forested areas due to the increased risk of fire with the rise in air temperatures.

Governor Ali Yerlikayaban 5 July 2022-31 July 2022 announced that it covers the

Yerlikaya shared on his Twitter account that some picnic and recreation areas, nature parks, groves, parks and ecotourism areas without fire, sports, etc. declared that the activities are free. Stating that it is forbidden to barbecue, use a tube and make fire in these areas, Governor Yerlikaya also published a list of these areas.

The following statements were used in the written statement;

  • It is evaluated that forest fires may occur as a result of the increase in the air temperatures of our region with the summer season we are in, human and vehicle mobility concentrated in forest areas, and deliberate or faulty behaviors.
  • For the reasons stated; In accordance with Article 74 of the Forest Law No. 6831 and Articles 9 and 66 of the Provincial Administration Law No. 5442, it has been decided to ban entry to forest areas between July 5, 2022 and July 31, 2022.


Article 1- Picnic and recreation areas, nature parks, groves, parks and ecotourism areas included in the attached list and within the boundaries of Istanbul Province, picnicking without fire, sports, hiking, etc. activities are free.

Barbecuing, using a tube, hookah and all kinds of fires are strictly prohibited in these areas.

Article 2 – Especially the villages/neighborhoods covered by Articles 31 and 32 of the Forest Law; It is forbidden to burn trees, branches and all kinds of vegetation for reasons such as stubble, vineyard, olive grove and field cleaning in the forest, adjacent to the forest and in the villages/neighborhoods that are not related to the forest.

Article 3 – Facilities and industrial establishments in the vicinity of the forest area will take all preventive measures against the risk of fire that may occur due to any activity that may affect the forest areas.


Article 4 – Organizations related to the construction and maintenance of Energy Transmission Lines (BEDAŞ, AYEDAŞ and TEİAŞ) will carry out the necessary maintenance, especially in the sections of the power lines passing through forest areas, by taking all kinds of precautions against the risk of fire and applying energy cuts when necessary.

Article 5 – All of our municipalities will create a protection band around the forest, forest edge and adjacent garbage collection areas and will keep the necessary work machines (Dozer, Loader, Bucket) ready against the risk of fire.

Article 6 – Inspection teams formed from the general law enforcement and forestry law enforcement under the coordination of our District Governorates and the Regional Forestry Directorate will carry out effective surveillance and inspection.

When necessary, by the order of our district governors, effective intervention against fire will be ensured by using all public and private sector facilities.


Article 7– This decision is implemented in all forest areas within the borders of Istanbul Province.

Article 8 – Administrative and judicial action will be taken against those who act against the above-mentioned decisions and measures in accordance with the Forest Law No. 6831, the Turkish Penal Code and the Law on Misdemeanors.

Article 9 – The provisions of this decision are applied between 05.07.2022 and 31.07.2022.

Article 10 – The provisions of this decision are executed by the Governorship of Istanbul.


Announcing the decision on his social media account, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said:Picnic and recreation areas, nature parks, groves, parks and ecotourism areas in Istanbul are suitable for picnics without fire, sports, etc. activities are free. Barbecuing, using a tube, and making fires are prohibited in these areas.” he said.

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