The balance sheet of the flood disaster in Kastamonu and Bartın is 4.2 billion TL

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu came to Bartın by helicopter after examining the districts of Kastamonu Bozkurt and Küre after the flood in the Western Black Sea Region. Minister Soylu, who transferred to the Governorship of Bartın from here, attended the meeting of the Provincial Disaster and Coordination Board.

Explaining the balance sheet of the flood disaster in the Western Black Sea Region and the point reached, Minister Soylu said, “We made our final assessment of the floods and floods caused by excessive precipitation in our provinces of Bartın, Kastamonu, Düzce, Zonguldak, Bolu and Karabük and partially in Sakarya. Today, we had various works in both Kastamonu and Bartın. Search and rescue efforts continue with a total of 330 personnel, including 2 losses in floods and floods, one of which is approximately 250 search and rescue teams in Düzce. In Kastamonu Küre, where I stopped by today, these efforts continue with 250 personnel, including 130 search and rescue personnel. I hope that Almighty Allah will allow us to inform their families as soon as possible.”

Stating that approximately 2 thousand 786 people were evacuated due to the flood, Minister Soylu said, “We can say that almost all of them have returned to their places, except for the ones that were destroyed or need to be demolished, severely damaged. Of course, it is not possible to return to the demolished or heavily damaged houses that we describe as emergencies, other phases will take place for them. Until now, there is information that 128 kilometers of roads on the highways are completely deteriorated or damaged. Apart from the highways, we can say that the 566 kilometer area of ​​the Special Administration, which is under the responsibility of the Governorships, was damaged in the Western Black Sea disaster. There are about 80 bridges and 391 culverts. We have been able to calculate so far, that there were losses in 1,80 houses, 516 workplaces and 35 vehicles have been damaged so far. However, our damage assessments are still ongoing. Because there is also agricultural damage. I can say that some of the agricultural damages are average, we have been able to detect around 65-70 percent of them at the moment. So far, the total cost of this flood, within the framework of our calculations, has been 4.2 billion TL of damage. Again, I would like to express that we are faced with a significant cost. Of course, the works created by our relevant institutions and organizations in their own budgets are of course excluded from this. We can evaluate that the total damage may increase by 4.2 billion,” he said.


Addressing the criticisms, Minister Soylu made the following statements:

“There are some debates in such disasters from time to time, ‘Here we sent a vehicle here, they stop our vehicle. They don’t work at work’, let me explain, AFAD owns all public vehicles in disasters. Some municipalities say ‘I sent my vehicle’, there are hundreds of municipalities that send their vehicles and do not make a sound. He considers this as a humanity and a neighborhood and a public good. These vehicles are not our personal property, these vehicles are the property of the nation. AFAD owns all the tools of the public in times of disaster. And private enterprises that they want have the legal right to buy their vehicles. And there are times when we do that too. That’s why we see a work that was bought with the taxes of the nation, that it didn’t come to Bartın, that it was kept on hold, that could upset the morale of the employees and disrupt the integrity, as only being busy with small jobs. This is not true. We do not look at this, but we have a duty and duty to inform the public. Our friends put forth an intense work here. Of course, we will do our duty, and we will continue to do it together. No matter where they come from in Turkey, no matter what institution they come from, everyone has a place on our heads. We have a duty to dispatch everyone, that is our duty. Yes, if we made a mistake, we made a mistake. Of course, we accept to take the cost of this deficiency. Therefore, I would like to underline once again that it is not very reasonable to make some assessments, especially in times of disaster. May Allah not let us face these disasters.”


Saying that Turkey is a disaster area, Minister Soylu said:

“However, it should not be forgotten that Turkey is a disaster area. Fighting against disasters is not only the public’s business, it is an understanding that should be undertaken as a responsibility of our nation as a whole. There is another feature of disasters all over the world as follows; disasters are an important step in the renewal business for the whole world in the literature. In other words, every disaster brings a new measure of its own. That makes it necessary to take precautions. For this reason, here is a separate bet on taking additional measures to the measures we have taken before these disasters provide us. And we express that we value each one of them one by one.”

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