Striking claim from Ümit Özdağ: ‘When AKP members were detained, they were exiled’

Chairman of the Victory Party Umit Ozdagmade a press statement today in front of the District Police Department in Istanbul Zeytinburnu. Özdağ claimed that 1 policeman and 2 guards who wanted to detain 4 AKP Youth Branch members involved in the fight were suspended.

Ozdag said:

OUR POLICE HAS BEEN DUE TO FUNCTION UNDER THE PRESSURE OF THE PALACE REGIME: Our police, responsible for ensuring the internal security of the Turkish nation, has become unable to do its job under the pressure and mobbing of the palace regime. While the police force is forced to enforce the laws against the opposition voters and the AK Party voters on ordinary streets, from time to time, their hands are tied against the Syrians under the protection of the AK Party elites and AKP elites.

SULEYMAN SOYLU, MINISTER OF CRIMINAL AFFAIRS: We were in Hatay for a short time. In Hatay, Article 23 of the Constitution was violated by Süleyman Soylu and the governor through the gendarmerie and the police. A deputy, a chairman and a party council were not allowed in a province. This is the second time in the history of the Republic. The first was applied to the late İnönü in Kayseri. Now Süleyman Soylu, the Minister of Internal Affairs, or more accurately, the Minister of Criminal Affairs, did the same.

THOSE WHO DETECTED AKP PUPERS, ANNOUNCED, AN APPOINTMENT WAS MADE: The reason why we are here in Zeytinburnu today is that action against four members of the AK Party Youth Branch, who rudely attacked and disturbed the Turkish police and guard in Zeytinburnu, was prevented by the Minister of Criminal Affairs, Süleyman Soylu. An apology was made to the police officers who carried out the detention procedures, and a policeman and two guards who were wearing handcuffs were suspended. By the way, we hear that the AKP District President called his police friend and said, ‘don’t worry, we will reinstate you in a week’. Before I came here, it was whispered in the ear of some of our members of the organization that ‘such an event did not happen’. Look, the official documents are in my hands, do not try to pull such a trick, you will be very embarrassed. Don’t worry, Süleyman, I have all the official documents according to him.

THE PRESSURE OF THE NOBLE MENTALITY CAUSES HIGH NUMBERS OF SUICIDES IN TURKISH POLICE: This action injured the Turkish police more than the HDP deputy slapped the Turkish police. It is already clear who the HDP supporter is. You are making the Turkish police apologize to the son of the AKP deputy and his friends in Hatay Dörtyol. An AK Party deputy rudely attacks the Turkish police in Antalya. Now you are taking the Youth Branch from the hands of the police. Did you think the Turkish police was a whipping boy, or the Turkish Police Force, your or the AK Party’s special protection army? No, the Police Force is the police of the great Turkish nation, we will teach you that. We will not leave the Turkish police unprotected against the arbitrary practices of Süleyman Soylu. The pressures of the noble mentality cause a large number of suicides in the Turkish police.

Continuing his speech by showing the documents in his hand, Özdağ spoke as follows:

THE SECURITY ORGANIZATION IS NOT THE AK PARTY’S SPECIAL PROTECTION ARMY, IT IS THE POLICE OF THE GREAT TURKISH NATION: Look, friends, the suicides that took place in 2021 alone are four pages, over 100 policemen committed suicide. On the one hand, the thief, the sinister, the rapist, the murderer; on the other hand, the police dealing with the Syrian, Afghan, whom they say ‘don’t touch’; and under the pressures of the noble mentality, he loses his children in suicides. As the Chairman of the Victory Party; I’m calling from here, I was a lecturer at the police academy for years. Thousands of police chiefs became my students. We know very well your troubles and all the troubles and problems of the police force. And we will return the Turkish state to the Turkish nation. The Police Force is not the special protection army of the AK Party, but the police of the great Turkish nation. We will not crush the police.”


Answering the questions of the journalists, Özdağ said, “I will if the time comes, but I do not plan to share them at this stage.” But the situation is sickening, unfortunately,” he said.

Upon the question about the suspension of the police officers, Özdağ said, “I heard that the appointments of two supervisors were made to Ağrı and Şırnak last night, with the emergence of this incident. I do not know if the official document was prepared, but I think it was in the official document. The situation is in this center”.

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