‘Candidate’ recipe from DP leader Gültekin Uysal

President of the DP Gultekin Uysalwas the guest of Antalya Friends’ Assembly. DP Army Deputy in Antalya, where his party came for the provincial congress Cemal Enginyurtparty senior executives and Muratpaşa Mayor from CHP Umit UysalGültekin Uysal spoke about the country’s agenda, the 6-party table and the candidacy at the meeting of the Antalya Friends’ Assembly.

Kemal Kilicdaroglufor his candidacy, ‘We will support him if he is a candidate’ Gültekin Uysal, who was asked about his statements, said:

“A basic principle was expressed by both Mr. Kemal, Mr. Ali and other presidents. There are many people and friends among you who have been in different areas of responsibility in politics. They know very well that some decisions have a natural timing.

– There is no before or after. In that natural timing, you cannot make decisions today that we would have made in the last month, week, or last day. Including the nomination processes. At this point, a decision of principle was expressed.

– When you discuss the names, they are not processes that you can easily manage, but each political party makes an evaluation on its own side.

– While making this assessment, there are restrictions, parameters and measures put in front of us by the political conditions of the country. We have to evaluate them within their framework.”


Expressing that there is a competition on two levels, Uysal continued his words as follows:

“- The presidential rivalry, in which a political character comes to the fore much more, and the political identity and personality come to the fore. At the same time, the general election competition of the parties, both within the alliance and outside the alliance, are intertwined processes that affect each other.

– If you appreciate it, it is not very easy to execute them in a coordinated, synchronized manner. But our responsibility is to execute them. From this point of view, Turkey cannot have such an agenda as a ‘symbolic candidate, a candidate outside of politics, an unpretentious candidate’, which Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu recently stated.

– Because we have very hot crisis topics in front of us, from foreign policy to the economy.”


DP leader Uysal noted that Turkey needs a leadership that will manage not only a change of power, but also a political process that will encode a political process that will perhaps re-establish the Turkish Republic with a founding mind. Gültekin Uysal said the following about the candidate to be released:

“There are many traumatic periods that Turkey has gone through, from corruption to unlawfulness and irregularities, especially after a 20-year period in power. .

– It’s good to put them on it. In that respect, we also state that it is a candidate profile that has a primary claim and will be a performer. But while saying this, there is a very clear reality that is to achieve success. It is to make a choice from many aspects by evaluating these two processes with an algorithm on a common denominator, both before and after the election. How can we produce the maximum result both in the representation of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and in the presidential election, in fact, that is the issue that everyone focuses on citizens, political parties, political party leaders.”

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