The sect-politics relationship brought legal debates with it: Dynamite to the Republic.

Reminding that “the law regarding the closure of lodges and zawiyas is in force” in the debate that started with the funeral of Mahmut Ustaosmanoğlu, the leader of the İsmailağa community, lawyer Doğan Erkan said, “These structures are illegal. Being in the place where the cult leader is announced is also organizational propaganda. In the parliament, an investigation should be launched against the president for propaganda of the organization and it should be sent to the Supreme Court.” While Sabih Kanadoğlu, Honorary Chief Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals, reacted to those who say ‘Secularism is not in danger’, jurist Turgut Kazan said, “Dynamite is being placed on the foundations of the Republic.”

At Ustaosmanoğlu’s funeral, the new leader of the community was announced. The fact that the statement was made in the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, ministers and politicians brought along legal discussions. Pointing out that in the preamble of the constitution, it was emphasized that “as a requirement of the principle of secularism, sacred religious sentiments cannot be mixed into state affairs and politics,” Erkan said, “The spirit of the constitution is the preamble. This is why what happened is a violation in the first place,” he said. Stating that “Turkey is a secular state” in the second article of the constitution, and that “no one can abuse religion or religious feelings or things considered sacred by religion” in article 24, Erkan said that the issue should also be examined in terms of criminal law.


Pointing to Ustaosmanoğlu’s words especially towards women, Kazan emphasized that the problem “exceeds the problem of sect or secularism” and added, “The President said that he was inspired by her. It is necessary to get out of the ballot box in the first election against this group that wants to form a republic according to their own understanding instead of this republic, and it is possible to get out. It is necessary to go to the elections by blowing such a wind. We must save the Republic, we must put it on solid foundations,” he said.


While stating that the definition of secularism is clearly included in the constitution, Kanadoğlu stated that Turkey is no longer “a constitutional state” and noted that “Turkey has lost its qualification of being a secular state in practice”. Kanadoğlu said, “The unfolding landscape is not a surprise. Which state of law are we talking about after we do not apply the constitution? showed his reaction.

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