Request for ‘tax relief for employees’ from HAK-İŞ

HAK-İŞ Chairman Mahmut Arslan stated that the Kayseri Branch of the Hizmet-İş Union held a meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Vedat Bilgin, regarding the minimum wage, at the 9th Ordinary General Assembly held in a hotel.

Stating that they shared the minimum wage and related developments in this meeting, Arslan said:


“Here, I would like to repeat what I said to the minister. Yes, the high inflation experienced by our country, these rapid price increases that really challenge us all and upset our lives, the high prices in energy caused by our dependence on foreign energy, electricity, gas and so on, all these are obvious. It brings a serious challenge to people who make a living on wages. Our President is also aware of this difficulty. Our request, which we have been insisting on for 3 months, that the Minimum Wage Determination Commission should be convened as soon as possible, was answered and a step was taken by our President. The first meetings were held yesterday. . We expect the Minimum Wage Determination Commission not to set a wage below inflation.. The inflation since January is obvious. In this direction I hope we expect an improvement above inflation.”

Pointing out that this wage increase alone will not be enough, Arslan emphasized that he wanted to draw the framework of the realities of Turkey.

Stating that there are 6.5 million minimum wage workers in Turkey, Arslan continued:

“A minimum wage will be re-determined for them. There are civil servants, there are retired civil servants, and they will receive a raise in the inflation rate in July. There are public collective agreements that we signed with the Public Framework Protocol. They will also receive contract inflation differences in July. Well, our municipalities, universities, What will happen to collective agreements in the private sector. We are faced with a serious problem here. Therefore, these increases should be transformed into an improvement for all employees.”

Drawing attention to the fact that collective agreements in the private sector will continue to work with the same wage until the new year if the contract dates do not arrive in July, Arslan noted that all collective agreements will fall to the minimum wage level, and that this means the destruction of the collective bargaining order and that it will liquidate the trade union movement in the private sector.

“Let’s make a reform about tax brackets”

Arslan stated that while the aim of the government is to strengthen the unions, they should not weaken the union movement with the practices carried out, and continued his words as follows:

“That’s why my suggestion is that I told the minister, we will increase the minimum wage. At the rate we increase, for example, let’s take a step that affects all employees. Let’s make a reform on tax brackets. Let our tax rates stay at 10 percent for a year. This is a suggestion. 10 percent.” If they stay in Turkey, all employees benefit from this. Whether they have a collective agreement or not. There are 15 million insured workers in Turkey. Only 2 million 200 thousand of them are unionized. 6.5 million of them work at minimum wage. The remaining 7 million will not be able to benefit from this right. What will we do then? we’ll be.”

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