Israeli lawmakers approve the dissolution of the Knesset to hold elections

After a delay of hours, 92 out of 120 deputies voted Thursday to dissolve parliament, in a vote that will also allow Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to take over as prime minister, succeeding Naftali Bennett, on Friday.

A parliamentary committee made up of deputies from the opposition and the ruling coalition approved, earlier this week, the dissolution of the Knesset on Wednesday evening. But this vote was postponed due to long discussions in the parliament about bills that deputies want to pass before it is dissolved.

The culmination of Wednesday night’s discussions was the announcement by outgoing Prime Minister Naftali Bennett that he would not be a candidate in the upcoming elections scheduled for the fall in October or early November.

“I do not intend to run in the upcoming elections, but I will remain a loyal soldier of this country, which I have served all my life as a soldier, officer, minister and prime minister,” Bennett said, confirming that he handed over the leadership of his party formation to the current interior minister, Ayelet Shaked.

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