Biden confirms NATO cohesion and threatens Russia to pay “heavy price”

Biden added, during a press conference on the sidelines of the NATO summit in the Spanish capital, Madrid, that Russia will not win Ukraine, and then said that “this matter is important for the world.”

Biden confirmed the work to mobilize greater support for Ukraine, saying the United States would provide an additional $800 million to Kiev, and said Washington would continue to support Kyiv “no matter how long it takes.”

The US President indicated that countries in the “NATO” alliance are increasing their military spending in order to meet the challenges, while the United States is working to deploy more forces in the European countries that are members of NATO.

He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin was betting that “NATO” would be divided and fragmented, but the opposite is what happened, he said, especially in light of the readiness of Sweden and Finland to join the military alliance.

Biden promised Moscow that it would pay a heavy price for the military operations it launched in Ukraine, blaming Russia for the food crisis, because it was “caused by the blockade it is imposing on the ports of Ukraine,” he said.

Russian Chinese response

Beijing and Moscow on Thursday criticized NATO after declaring Russia a “direct threat” and China posing “serious challenges” to global stability.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that he will reciprocate if the Nordic countries, Finland and Sweden, allow NATO forces and military infrastructure to enter their territory.

Putin said that Russia will have to “create the same threats to the territory from which threats arise against us,” according to the Associated Press.

For its part, China accused the Western military alliance of “attacking the country and maliciously tarnishing its reputation.”

Its diplomatic mission to the European Union said that NATO “claims that other countries pose challenges, but it is NATO that creates problems around the world.”

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