They saw that they were members after YKS!

The Municipality of Edremit, which is under the administration of the trustee, announced that the application fees of the students in need who will take the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) will be covered by the municipality. Thereupon, the candidates applied to the municipality to take advantage of this opportunity.

Candidates gave the required identity information to the municipality to show that they will take the exam. The exam was held, weeks passed. When some candidates questioned their political party membership, they could not believe their eyes. Because the image on the screen showed that they were members of the AKP.


AB, living in Edremit, was one of these “victims”. The EU, which is preparing for the Public Personnel Selection Examination, passed the YKS exam as a member of the AKP in order to try itself. Speaking to Cumhuriyet, the EU explained that process as follows:

“Edremit Municipality announced that it will cover the entrance fees of the students who will take the exam. Almost all of the students in the district gave their identity information and registered. After that, we took the exam, time passed. A friend heard that ‘membership is being made without permission,’ and he conveyed it to me. “

Explaining that when his friend looked to see if he had a political party membership, AB said that he saw that he was made a member of the AKP. The EU drew attention to the visit of AKP President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the city in the past few weeks. The EU said, “It was probably made to show the President. To say, ‘So many people in Van are our members.’

The EU emphasized that it immediately resigned from the AKP, of which it was made a member without its knowledge and consent.


Van Education-Sen Branch Co-Chair Murat Atabay, whom we talked about, said that this practice is not new in Van. Abay reminded that his own union leaders were also made members of the AKP in this way before, and said, “Unfortunately, all public institutions of the state are working like the AKP’s institutions at the moment. This is probably a reflection of him. He has taken such a path to befriend the President.” .

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