BUPAR Research Company felt the pulse in five provinces where HDP was the first party: Break with Erdogan

After the CHP Mayors Workshop in Van, BUPAR Research Company conducted a comprehensive study in five provinces where HDP was the first party. The research covering the provinces of Ağrı, Diyarbakır, Mardin, Muş and Van was conducted for the Republic. In the research, face-to-face interviews were conducted with 2 thousand 532 people on 15 May-15 June.


Within the scope of the research, the citizens were asked, “Which parties would increase their votes in your province if parliamentary elections were held in the region?” question was posed. 76.6 percent of the citizens who participated in the survey gave the answer “CHP” to this question. CHP was followed by DEVA Party with 56.8 percent and IYI Party with 54.6 percent, respectively. The rate of citizens who thought that the People’s Alliance would not be able to secure a majority in the parliamentary elections was 74.2 percent.

According to the 2018 parliamentary election results, CHP received 2.4 percent of votes in Ağrı, 2% in Diyarbakır, 2.8 percent in Mardin, 2.2 in Muş and 2.1 in Van. The AKP’s voting rates in the same provinces were 27.8 percent, 20.3 percent, 29.5 percent, 31.5 percent, and 30.8 percent, respectively.

Regarding the presidential election, “Who would you vote for if Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu compete in the second round?” question was posed. While 75.5 percent of the participants said Kılıçdaroğlu, 15.7 percent answered Erdogan. 8.8 percent said “I have no idea, I won’t go to the polls”. Within the scope of the research, the citizen was asked, “Do you think the country is well managed economically?” While 89.5 percent of the respondents answered “No” to this question, 4.9 percent said “Yes” and 5.6 percent said “I have no idea”.


Commenting on the results of the survey, BUPAR Research Head Erdal Akaltun said, “The AKP and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are losing about 40 percent of the 30 percent vote in the region. CHP is increasing its votes in the region and Kılıçdaroğlu is getting the vast majority of HDP votes.

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