Queue for cheap bread in the AKP’s stronghold in Konya!

In the face of the economic crisis, the cost of living and the price hikes in Turkey, the effects of which are felt more and more every day, citizens continue to queue for cheap bread in order to bring cheap bread to their homes.

Due to the increasing costs in Konya, known as the granary, a 40 percent increase was made in bread on June 23. After the increase, the price of 200 grams of bread, which was sold for 2.5 liras, rose to 3.5 liras.


After the start of the increased sales, citizens of Konya started to look for cheap bread. After the bread was sold for 3 TL at the Halk Ekmek sales points belonging to the Konya Metropolitan Municipality in the Karatay district of Konya, long queues formed in front of the Halk Ekmek points. Citizens of Konya waited in line for hours for cheap bread.

CHP Konya Provincial President Baris Bektas and IYI Party Konya Provincial President Gokhan Tozooglu their views on the subject shared with.


Bektas, “Konya, which is the granary of our country and the capital of agricultural production and agriculture-related industry, has unfortunately become unable to maintain its current production, let alone using its potential, due to wrong agricultural and economic policies. It is very painful to see that the fertile Konya plain, which alone can feed not only our country but also the countries of the region, is not even able to feed the citizens of its own country.” he said.

Bektaş stated that they brought the Konya Plain Project and the water problem to the national agenda. “From licensing and expensive electricity costs for farmers’ irrigation wells to fertilizers and diesel, the government does not have a positive approach. Let alone supporting agriculture, the government, which almost made the farmer resent production, has made even our fellow citizens of Konya need bread.” made its assessment.

(CHP Konya Provincial Chairman Barış Bektaş)


Regarding the long tail images, Bektaş made the following statements:

“These images greatly upset the people of Konya and the politicians of Konya, who live on fertile lands, the homeland of agriculture. The government, which makes basic foods such as meat, milk and eggs luxurious and inaccessible, does not give up its economic policies that have consequences that will make millions who feed their families with bread, and supports the farmers of other countries with imports from other countries instead of its own farmers.

In the continuation of Bektaş’s statement, “As CHP, we will make our people live in prosperity with our own resources and besides those who produce. We will implement national agricultural policies that will make both producers and consumers happy.” made statements.


Tozoglu, Unfortunately, the price of bread in our city rose to 3.5 TL with a serious increase due to the economic crisis and increasing input costs, which had an extraordinary impact in our country. Bread is the main food source especially for low-income families. With the exorbitant increase in bread, a serious burden has come to the budget of families who have to consume 7-8 breads a day. said.

(Konya IYI Party Provincial Chairman Gökhan Tozoğlu)

In the continuation of his statement, Tozoğlu said:

In our country, where the minimum wage is 4250 TL, our people will now have to give almost one-fourth of their income just as a living wage. At this point, the government municipalities, which should ensure that our citizens have access to cheap bread with the understanding of social state and social municipality, are currently busy with festivals and show-off activities. Citizens are no longer in a position to bear this heavy economic burden.

Citizens of Konya had been in the queue for cheap sugar, cheap sunflower oil and cheap rice before.

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