4 thousand 500 hectares burned in Marmaris fire

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Vahit Kirişci, said that 4,500 hectares of land were damaged in the fire in Muğla’s Marmaris district.

Vahit Kirişci shared the latest situation regarding the fire in Muğla Disaster Coordination Center with the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu with journalists.

Indicating that there were two investigations regarding the fire area and that there was no negative situation to worry them, Kirişci said that they plan to announce the last point in the morning after spending the night. Kirişci said, “We have nothing negative to say. I hope this positive trend will continue.”

When asked about how much area was damaged in the fire, Kirişci replied that it has not been determined yet.

Kirişci said, “Apart from the areas where it was clearly burned, this place was completely burned, there are areas with partially burnt and unburned parts, we can say 4,500 hectares,” Kirişci said.

“This work was completed before 72 hours were up. If we express that we will get through this night comfortably, we actually completed this work long before 72 hours,” said Kirişci, adding, “Our gendarmerie, police, including the employees of our General Directorate of Forestry, which we call land power here, are accredited. I hope that all of our NGOs, our dedicated brothers and sisters, we have overcome this issue by shedding a lot of sweat and wisdom.”


AKP Antalya Deputy İbrahim Aydın said that the most difficult fires to extinguish in Turkey in terms of geography occur in the region. Aydın said, “It is very difficult to put out this fire” when he heard the news, and continued as follows:

  • Here, the terrain conditions are difficult, and the forest has continuity. Nowhere in the world does land crews work at night. Our friends worked at the front until morning. It was a miracle that this fire was put out, that miracle happened. Forest fires should not be used as a political tool. Employee morale deteriorates. Deniz Baykal, the former chairman of the CHP, came to the fire area and said, ‘May God make it easy. Fighting fire is war. What do we have to do?’ he asked. The current President says, “There is no helicopter,” as the helicopter passes over it.

Claiming that night-flying helicopters are not used in the world, Aydın said, “It has been tested in some countries in recent years. We tried it last year too. We will continue this year. Our ground teams are also very strong. We need to do these things without using politics.‘ he said.

Forest General Manager Bekir Karacabey stated that the fire did not progress even 1 meter compared to last night. Karacabey stated that the teams are working on cooling in the field and that they can express a better result in the morning if there is no setback.

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