After his luxury car accident, Ronaldo makes a promise

Ronaldo’s car, “Bugatti Veyron”, worth about 1.7 million pounds, was involved in an accident at the hands of one of his bodyguards, who was driving it and then lost control of it, which led to it colliding with a house and smashing it.

And the English newspaper “Mirror” revealed in a report that Ronaldo pledged to pay all the money that the owner of the destroyed house, whose name was not revealed, would need.

The owner of the house explained in statements to a local newspaper in the Spanish city of Mallorca: “I went to Ronaldo’s house, and a very polite man and woman met me, and he promised me on behalf of Ronaldo to pay the expenses of all the damages that I will face because of the Bugatti accident.”

He continued, “They told me to fix everything and keep the bills. I suffered, my water meter broke in the accident, and I was unable to live normally, the door hinges flew off and some concrete was demolished from the columns of the house.”

The owner of the house expressed his fear of the death of his own dog as a result of the accident, as he said: “When the police told me about the accident, I thought that my dog ​​had been killed, because he was always behind the door, but when I opened the door I saw him shivering.”

It is reported that the car was later transported from the scene of the accident on a truck covered with a cloth.

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