Who is Huseyin Basaran? What does Basaran Holding do?

He was born in Trabzon in 1958. Hussein Basaran, He is the Chairman of the Board of Başaran Investment Holding, which operates in many different sectors. Hüseyin Başaran, who was the manager of the Black Sea team Trabzonspor for a while, is married to Beril Başaran. The couple has 2 children, Mina Başaran and Can Başaran.


Başaran Investment Holding, which has been operating for 25 years, first started with the hazelnut trade, and Başaran Entegre quickly became Turkey’s leading integrated hazelnut processing facility. Başaran Holding, which continues its investments in different sectors such as yachting, finance, construction, tourism, aviation, cement and energy, in addition to food, is under the chairmanship of Hüseyin Başaran; It made tourism investments with Ramada Resort Bodrum and Ramada Plaza Trabzon.

Başaran had victimized hundreds of people who invested money to buy a house in Mina Towers, which he started to build within the scope of Fikirtepe urban transformation project. Başaran, who signed a contract with the land owners in Fikirtepe in 2013 for the project consisting of 1500 houses and 95 shops, consisting of six blocks named after his daughter Mina, who died in a plane crash in Iran, announced that he would deliver the apartments and shops in 2018. Unable to complete the construction on the delivery date, Başaran Holding had to hand over the three towers to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Having completed only one of the remaining three towers, Başaran continues the construction of the other two towers.


Six Bahrain-based banks claimed that they were defrauded of 500 million dollars by 5 Turks, including Başaran Investment Holding owner Hüseyin Başaran. The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office took action and launched an investigation. It has been learned that the file is also in the bag of Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who came to Turkey today.

Six complainant banks made the following accusations against Başaran Holding:

“Agile Fraud, Establishing, Managing, Joining an Organization to Commit a Crime”, “Forgery of Private Documents” and “Laundering of Criminal Assets.”


The plane belonging to Başaran Holding, including 7 friends and 3 crew members of Mina Başaran, the daughter of Hüseyin Başaran, crashed in Iran on March 11, 2018. The private jet that Mina Başaran and her friends were on, who went to Dubai with her friends for her bachelorette, crashed in Iran on the way back. 8 passengers, 2 pilots and 1 stewardess on the plane lost their lives.

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