The memorandum to Libya was published in the Official Gazette.

The Grand National Assembly of Turkey’s decision to extend the period of permission to send troops to Libya for 18 months, starting from July 2, 2022, was published in the Official Gazette.

In the decision, it was reminded that in the process following the events that took place in Libya in February 2011, efforts to build democratic institutions failed due to the increasing armed conflicts, and a fragmented structure emerged in the country.

As a result of the Libyan Political Dialogue, which lasted about a year, with the participation of all parties, under the facilitation of the United Nations (UN), in order to establish peace and stability, after the ceasefire in Libya, the establishment of political unity and the establishment of a functioning state mechanism were not possible, the Libyan Political Agreement was concluded. The decision, which was signed on 17 December 2015 in the city of Suheyrat, Morocco, included information about the process.

In the resolution pointing out that the Government of National Accord (UMH), which was formed within the scope of the Libyan Political Agreement, was recognized by the international community as the sole and legitimate government representing Libya in accordance with the UN Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 2259 in 2015, UNSC no. It was reminded that the resolution called for the implementation of the Libyan Political Agreement and the support of Libyan institutions referred to in the agreement, including the GNA.

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