Pedestrian hit by minibus died in Üsküdar

Fatma Aksu, 65, came out of the house to go to the bazaar and waited for the minibus in the accident that took place on Kısıklı Street in Burhaniye Mahallesi, at around 09:00 on Friday.

The minibus, which did not comply with its route, passed through the middle lane. Aksu headed towards the minibus from the stop this time. After the minibus did not stop, Aksu wanted to return to the bus stop.


Meanwhile, Aksu, who was under another minibus, was seriously injured. Aksu, who was taken to the hospital in the ambulance after the first intervention of the medical teams, died despite all the interventions.

Police teams detained the minibus driver who hit the old woman. In the investigation launched into the accident, security camera footage of a nearby workplace was also examined.


Niyazi Aksu, son of Fatma Aksu, who lost her life, “The minibus passed through the other lane. He wants to cross the middle lane and get on, but does not take the minibus. While trying to return, another minibus crashes. As a result of the accident, my mother lost her life. I have filed a complaint with the IMM before, nothing has been done. “I don’t want it to burn. People are victims here. Buses and minibuses do not enter this road. Minibuses put people in the middle of the road, putting their lives in danger. No one hears our voice. Does someone have to die for our voice to be heard. Human life is not that cheap.” said.


Erdoğdu Akkuş, who saw the accident, “Although they have their own routes here, minibuses and buses do not enter here. They all pass through the middle road. We complained, but no one came and interested. The people here are generally old. They want to take the middle road to get on the minibus. Minibuses take the middle road to avoid entering the bridge road. He tried to cross the road to get on the minibus. he said.

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