The children’s game with a lighter burned the school!

Children playing with lighters in the school yard in Aydın’s Efeler district started a fire. The fire burned the books in the paper recycling warehouse on the ground floor of the school.

The incident took place at Ata Mahallesi Lawyer Cevat Aldemir Secondary School at around 22:00 on Saturday, June 18th. According to the information obtained, the children entering the school garden began to play with the lighter they brought with them.


After a while, the children, who went to the backyard, ignited the book pages that protruded under the door of the paper recycling warehouse on the ground floor of the school with a lighter. The flames, which grew with the effect of the wind, spread to the other books in the warehouse.


Realizing that the smoke was rising from the school, the residents of the area reported the situation to the 112 Emergency Call Center. Firefighters and police teams were dispatched to the area. Firefighters arrived at the scene in a short time and extinguished the fire.

Firefighters, who took the fire under control as a result of long efforts, also evacuated the dense smoke in the school. After the fire, property damage occurred in the school.


Security cameras were taken under investigation by police teams. While it was determined that the dangerous games of the children that caused the fire were recorded by the security cameras moment by moment, the police teams started work to identify and catch the children.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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