Şebnem Şirin’s murderer accepted the statements

In an incident that occurred in an apartment in Pamukkale district Çamlaraltı Mahallesi on October 27, 2021, a 25-year-old food engineer Sebnem Sirinalleged boyfriend Furkan Zibinci He was killed by (26).

The third hearing of the case, which was brought against the detained defendant Zübıncı with a demand for aggravated life imprisonment, was held at the Denizli 3rd High Criminal Court. Defendant Furkan Zübıncı attended the hearing with SEGBİS from Antalya S Type Closed Penitentiary Institution, where he was detained. The case was attended by the father Halil Şirin, mother Pervin Tokat, the attorneys of the parties and the witness’s father İsmail Zıpıncı.


In the decision given by the judge, the father of the accused İsmail Zıpıncı was heard as a witness.

Father Zıpıncı, who testified as a witness to make up for the deficiencies, said:In the morning, I left the house and went to the bakery products company I work for. I started working and I was leaving products to the shops. My son called me at 06:30 in the morning. When I picked up the phone, his voice was shaking, he said to me, ‘We had an argument with Sebnem, you need to pick me up immediately’. We met under the stadium in Mehmetçik District of Pamukkale district. When I asked what had happened, he said, ‘Father Sebnem is dead’. When I asked him how he was, he didn’t answer. I immediately dropped Furkan to my friend İlhan K.’s house in Deliktaş Mahallesi with the company vehicle. My other son called me and asked where his brother Furkan was. He stated that he had his mother and friend Mustafa T. with him. After distributing the products in the vehicle, I immediately went to Furkan and asked for the key to the house where he was staying. I went to the house in Çamlaraltı Mahallesi, taking Berkan and Mustafa T. with me, and as soon as I saw Şebnem lying on the floor when I opened the door, I immediately went out. I didn’t see knives and blood, but the house was in a mess. Mustafa T. immediately called the police. I returned to Furkan and handed him over to the police in Saltak with the car. On the way, Furkan told me that he had fought with Şebnem and then killed him, but he did not remember how it happened. I haven’t seen Sebnem before” said.

The question posed by the lawyers of the Şirin family, “Did Furkan have any hatred and resentment towards you?”, father İsmail Zıpıncı said, “He hurt himself twice because he was angry with us in the past. The last time she slit her wrists. When he called me that day, he said, ‘I’m in the hospital because of you, you put me in this situation. ‘Come to the hospital and help,’ she said.

Promised by the judge, Furkan Zıpıncı said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t do anything planned. I regret that it happened like this, I have nothing to say.” said.


Pervin Tokat, Şirin’s mother, who wanted to speak by taking the floor at the hearing, said:My daughter’s pain still burns in my heart. I suffer every day, his older brother is undergoing treatment. I am a plaintiff from everyone who helped or neglected the incident. For 230 days, I have been counting the rose face, the scent of the rose, the breath, minute by minute, hour by hour. I want the most severe punishment to be over as soon as possible. I can’t stand without Sebnem. I’ll meet my daughter on the other side now. No matter how much life God has given, I want to be with my daughter as soon as possible and meet her” he said.

The Public Prosecutor in the case before the Denizli 3rd High Criminal Court Alperen Pektaspresented his opinion on the merits to the court board at the hearing.

It was recorded that the accused Furkan planned to kill Şirin, observed Şebnem Şirin outside the cafe for 1.5 hours on the day of the incident, went to the place where they had dinner as if by chance, took Şebnem Şirin home, and committed the murder there. Stating that the accused committed the crime of willful killing “by design” and “with a monstrous feeling”, prosecutor Pektaş demanded that Furkan be sentenced to aggravated life imprisonment. Defending lawyer Hasan Pelek said, “We only applaud the prosecutor’s opinion”. The lawyers of the Şirin family responded with applause. The court board decided to postpone the hearing, giving time to the defendant’s lawyers for the defense of the opinion.

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