Amnesty comes to those who do not serve in the military! Who will it cover?

The Ministry of National Defense (MSB) will grant an amnesty for approximately 550 thousand people who do not serve in the military, who are fugitives and who are hidden.

LibertyAccording to the news of , the draft prepared by the MSB took its final form in the commission established by the AKP and was brought to the stage to be submitted to the Parliament.

According to the proposal, amnesty will be granted to those who have not served in the military until now, who are fugitives, who are in hiding and who will pay the price to be determined. The new figure, which will be more than the current paid fee, will be determined gradually in relation to the time spent in the baccalaureate.

The regulation will also include the amnesty of military service in foreign currency. New rights will be granted to 2,100 Turkish citizens abroad whose applications were unfinished, who did not pay the full fee, and therefore lost their rights. Persons who do not have the right to apply for military service with foreign currency for the second time will also benefit from the amnesty.

President of the AKP, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said in May, “Our young people who want to do their military service for a fee can apply to the military service branches, with the addition of a number at varying rates depending on the year of the fugitive.”

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