The dead bodies of 2 young people who disappeared in Denizli were found in a 26-meter water well

After the family relatives of 19-year-old İsmail Yalçın and 17-year-old Hasan Akköse were reported missing on the evening of 9 June in Acıpayam district, the search work started yesterday in the water well in the Develi Kuyusu location in Serinhisar district was completed.

The work started with construction equipment near the water well, whose bottom was determined to be covered by piling stones, was ended at around 05.00.

Construction equipment sent to the region carried out excavations parallel to the 26-meter-deep water well for two days.

Fire crews then supported the work with pickaxes and shovels. During the excavation work, which lasted for about 5 hours, the stones thrown into the well were removed one by one, and the soil was evacuated.

The dead body of the first youth was found around 03.30, and the body of the other youth was found at around 05.30.

It was learned that one of the young people was shot in the head and the other in the back with a rifle.

The studies were carried out under the supervision of the Provincial Police Department Public Security Branch Murder Bureau teams.

After the investigation by the public prosecutor who came to the scene, the bodies of the young people were taken to Pamukkale University Hospital morgue for autopsy.


7 of the 9 people detained within the scope of the investigation were transferred to the courthouse after completing their procedures in the Police Department.

Among the suspects, 7 people, including M.A, who was determined to have had the last conversation with the youth on the phone, were arrested by the magistrate’s office, and the other 2 people were released on condition of judicial control.


In his statement, it was learned that M.A admitted to committing the murder and said that there was an argument with the victims over the debt issue.

On the other hand, it was stated that the suspect met with the victims in the forest on Thursday evening and left after committing the murder there.

It was stated that the suspect then delivered the car to its owner after cleaning it at a gas station.

It was alleged that after M.A committed the murder, they took the other 8 people in a minibus and came to the place where the water well was, and filled the well with stones and soil.


The search efforts for the 2 people who were reported missing on June 9 in Acıpayam were concentrated on the forested area in this region, after it was determined that the car they were driving was going to Serinhisar district. Eight people were detained by MA, who was determined to have made the last phone call of the missing persons, after an abandoned car, 2 smashed mobile phones and traces of blood were found.

After it was stated in the cross-examination that the bodies of two people were thrown into the water well in Develi Kuyusu locality, the search and excavation work had started 2 days ago.

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