‘Irregular disability report’ operation in Bingöl: 18 more suspects were caught

18 more suspects were detained in the operation held in Bingöl against people who allegedly harmed public institutions and organizations with an illegal, fake disability report.

According to the statement made by the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, the investigation continues regarding the purchase of a discounted vehicle using disability reports, the connection of disability pension, applications for maintenance fees, retirement due to disability, receiving a medical report for military service, discounted electricity-water subscription and similar issues.

In this context, in the operation carried out by the teams of the Provincial Police Department Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch, 18 more suspects were detained on the grounds that some of the people who received illegal reports and tried to organize the event.


Proceedings of the suspects are continuing. Meanwhile, within the scope of the investigation, the statements of 35 people were taken. On 8 June, 25 suspects were taken into custody as part of the operation, 4 of them were arrested and the others were released.

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