Leva stood at 9 and a half liras, Bulgarian tourists filled the trunks in Edirne

Bulgarian tourists began to come to Edirne for shopping from the early hours of the morning, as the exchange rate rose and the Bulgarian lev gained value against the Turkish lira.

Tourists met many of their needs, from food to furniture, from the tradesmen in the city. Tourists, who shopped with sacks and parcels, had difficulty carrying what they bought. Due to the density experienced, there is no space left in the parking lots in the city.

Tourists, who came with their vehicles and tour buses, went back to their countries through Kapıkule and Hamzabeyli border gates after completing their shopping.


Stating that shopping in Edirne is affordable, Mustafa Alim said, “We bought cheese, yoghurt and everything from here. We are satisfied with the prices in Edirne,” he said.

Metin Doğan, a tradesman in Bostan Pazarı, “The tourists who come buy their basic needs such as cheese and olives. Even the bakery’s daily sales rose. All tradesmen are smiling. They get their needs for a week or ten days from here. Tourists who come here are aware that they cannot do their shopping in Bulgaria.” used the phrases.

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