The bill regulating the personal rights of health workers was accepted in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committeein, Proposal for the Law on Amending Some Health-Related Laws and Decree Law No. 375‘s negotiations were completed with about 10 hours of work today and the offer was accepted.

The offer on the Twitter account of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB), “You have been stalling doctors for months by saying that you will make arrangements about our personal rights. Despite all our objections to the inadequacy of the bill submitted to the TBBM by the practitioners of the health policies that brought us to the point where we could not work and the health system was inoperable, it was passed through the commission without being changed. Physicians will not forget this evil! We will continue to follow the process and fight” was criticized.

According to the proposal, the period given to family physicians who could not find the opportunity to do residency training while working as a family doctor. January 1, 2029 will be extended until

An additional payment will be made each month, together with pensions, in the amount to be found by multiplying the indicator figure of 26 thousand for those who retired from specialist medicine and 20 thousand for retired physicians who are not specialists, by multiplying the salary coefficient of civil servants.

If 50 percent of the unpaid receivables from the health care costs offered to those who cannot benefit from health insurance by the health facilities affiliated to the Ministry of Health until December 31, 2021 are paid in one year or in installments within one year from the publication of this article, the remaining part will be canceled together with the accessories. If the amount of the receivable is 5 thousand TL or less, the whole of it will be ex officio, and if half of the receivable is below 5 thousand TL, 5 thousand TL will be canceled and the balance will be collected.

With the approved proposal, the phrases of 5 thousand in the article were changed to 10 thousand. Accordingly, the article was amended as “If the amount of the receivable is 10 thousand liras or less, the entire amount will be collected ex officio, if half of the receivable is less than 10 thousand liras, 10 thousand liras will be canceled and the balance part will be collected”.

It will be ensured that the fixed additional payments of the personnel working in university hospitals are met from the central government budget.

With the proposal, the conditions for the first or reassignment of specialist physicians to the positions and positions of specialists, physicians, dentists and pharmacists in accordance with the legislation on specialization in medicine are determined by the Ministry of Health, and it is aimed to bring a fairer system in appointments. It is envisaged that an arrangement will be made to ensure that doctoral faculty members and chief assistants contribute more qualifiedly to specialization training. The procedures and principles regarding the lottery and the procedures and principles regarding their appointment in the Ministry of Health will be determined by a regulation to be issued by the Ministry of Health.

Due to the limited number of contracted positions, it is aimed to start performing the civil service obligation first as a civil servant, and then to make a change that will allow the transition to contracted status, taking into account the current number of positions. With the regulation, the personnel performing their state service obligations will be able to work as contracted health personnel in their provinces.

Health workers who receive additional payments due to their work in the education family health center or education family medicine units will also receive additional payments in their original institutions. It will be made from the fixed additional central government budget of the employees of the central organization of the Ministry of Health.

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