The 6th Judicial Package was accepted at the Parliamentary Justice Committee

It was presented to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey with the signature of AKP deputies last Friday. Proposal to Amend the Law on Judges and Prosecutors and Some LawsThe negotiations were completed at the Parliamentary Justice Committee. After two days of negotiations, the offer was accepted.

According to the proposal; the period of candidacy for judge and prosecutor, which is two years,assistant judge and prosecutor‘ will be extended to three years. This three-year period will be divided into three periods: basic education, duty and final education. Basic training and final training will be given by the Turkish Justice Academy, and duty training will be given in the courthouses. Assistant judges and prosecutors will take a written exam after their basic training and will be assigned to the provinces and districts they choose from among the first instance jurisdictions determined by the Ministry of Justice according to their scores.

Real estate can be sold at notary publics. Assistant judges and prosecutors will be subjected to written and oral exams. In addition, an evaluation form will be prepared during duty periods, and in this form, criteria such as ‘ability, success, commitment to duty, moral course, communication skills and stress management’ will be prepared.

in the Turkish Penal Code.crime of influencing prices” section; “In a way that may result in an increase or decrease in the wages of workers or the value of food or goods, and for this purpose, disseminating false news or news or using other fraudulent means3 months to 2 years imprisonment for the crime of ” 1 year to 3 years, “causing an urgent need for the public by refraining from selling a particular good or serviceThe prison sentence of 6 months to 2 years will increase from 1 year to 3 years.

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