They ate thousands of pies to win the 3 thousand lira prize.

Erdem Salman, who ate 15 meters and 60 centimeters of pastry in 10 minutes, won a prize of 3 thousand liras in the 7th pastry eating contest held in Bursa this year. 500 TL gift certificates were given to the second and third place winners in the competition.

Stating that he hadn’t eaten for 1.5 days in order to get a degree, the first Erdem Salman said, “My goal was to eat 16 meters of pastry, which is the plate of Bursa. I ate a 15-meter and 60-centimeter pie. I had a hard time eating the pastries. After I came first, I immediately ran to the bathroom. 1, “I haven’t eaten anything for 5 days. I prepared well for this competition. I will participate in the competition again next year,” he said.

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