Concert ban reaction from Cem Yılmaz

In recent days, concert cancellations and bans have come together in the country. Many names, from artists to politicians, reacted to concert bans.

Firstly Aynur Dogan’s concert, which was planned to take place on 20 May in Kocaeli, was canceled by the AKP’s Derince Municipality. And then the musician Niyazi Koyuncu announced that the Pendik Public Education Center was prevented from performing at the event to be held on the Beach Square on May 25 by the AKP’s Pendik Municipality.

Later, after it was announced that she would take the stage at the May 19 event. Apolas Lermiannounced that two of his concerts were cancelled.

Isparta International Rose Festival will take place on June 3 Angel Mosso The concert was canceled by the municipality after the reactionaries targeted it. Consecutive concert bans and cancellations drew the reaction of many artists and politicians.


Famous comedian Cem Yılmaz reacted to concert bans.

Yılmaz shared on his Twitter account, “Moral Concert ! New new works 😉 good work. Again, a beautiful middle from the Middle Ages came. I am exercising my right to remain silent with my morality not to score a goal in an empty goal. Pass” he said.

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