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The 3rd meeting of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) council in May was held in Saraçhane.
Under the chairmanship of the 2nd Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Ömer Faruk Kalaycı, the 2021 Activity Report of the Istanbul Water and Sewerage Administration (İSKİ) was discussed.
İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu made a presentation to the General Assembly. Mermutlu stated that İSKİ’s revenue for 2021 is 7 billion 354 million 500 thousand TL. Mermutlu stated that 85 percent of the revenues were obtained from the sale prices of water, and that 11 percent of the revenues came from the share of Iller Bank, and 4 percent from rent, interest and fines.

Mermutlu announced that the expenses for 2021 are 7 billion 959 million 457 thousand TL in total. Mermutlu stated that the income-expense difference for 2021 is minus 641 million 771 thousand 876 TL. Informing the general assembly about the ongoing investments and works, Mermutlu stated that they expect a debt of 2 billion 199 million TL by the end of the year.
After the presentation of Mermutlu, group speeches made on behalf of the parties, the agenda items of the İSKİ General Assembly were started.

In the assembly, the İSKİ administration requested the sale of 119, 37 square meters, and 152.43 square meters, numbered 24 and 31, in the Beykoz Göksu Neighbourhood. In the joint report of the Law-Infrastructure, Housing and Real Estate commissions, which examined the proposal sent to the general assembly by the IMM administration, it was reminded that the parcel requested for sale was transferred to the administration as a result of expropriation. The commissions, stating that the area subject to the sale is also a parking area in zoning situations, decided to reject the sale request.

In the general assembly, it was also discussed that İSKİ sold water at normal tariff, contrary to the decision of the AK Party and MHP groups to implement the village tariff, especially in rural areas dealing with animal husbandry and farming. In the letter sent to the Presidency on October 31, 2019, the proposal “Regulation amendment that removes the charging of the water used from the village tariff for the water used by 33 villages, which were transformed into neighborhoods by removing the village legal entity with the Law No. 5216, although they had village status in the past” was made by the İSKİ General Assembly on November 28, 2019. It was rejected by the votes of the Party and MHP Assembly members, and it was decided that these villages would continue to use water from the village tariff.
In the article, it was also stated that the said decision was returned to the parliament for reconsideration by the IMM President and that the decision to change the regulation was rejected by the insistence of the AK Party and MHP groups in the parliament on July 16, 2020. With the insistent decision, in the General Assembly of İSKİ on 16 July 2020, it was decided that 33 villages, which were in village status but turned into neighborhoods by removing the legal entity of the village with the Law No. 5216, should continue to have the right to be charged water prices, not exceeding 25 percent of the lowest tariff of the village tariff. It was reported that it was finalized.
Despite the final decision taken at the İSKİ General Assembly, it was stated that with the decision of the İSKİ Board of Directors convened under the chairmanship of İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, 4 times expensive water cost was reflected to 33 villages over the normal tariff.

In its opinion, the Legal Commission also stated that it considers it appropriate to cancel the excess accruals and invoices, including the retrospective accruals made by the General Directorate of İSKİ to the subscribers in these villages, and to return the parts of the invoices collected by calculating above the specified tariff to the relevant subscribers. .
In the voting, the decision was accepted by a majority of votes. With the accepted article, İSKİ will return the excess fees collected in violation of the parliamentary decision to the subscribers retrospectively. Invoices and calculated water unit charges will also be cancelled.

In the first session on May 16, the water hike proposal submitted by the CHP and IYI Party was discussed at the İSKİ General Assembly. In the proposal submitted, CHP and IYI Party groups demanded the 2022 Water and Wastewater tariffs be applied to all levels of the inflation rate announced by TURKSTAT for the months of March and April. The Tariff Commission made a proposal to withdraw the 12.71 raise request to be discussed at the next İSKİ Extraordinary General Assembly. In the voting, it was decided to return the request for a raise of CHP and IYI Party to the commission to be discussed at the next ordinary general assembly. At the İSKİ Ordinary General Assembly, which will take place in November, the decision to raise will be put on the agenda again.
Hidayet Erdöl, Chairman of the Tariff Commission, who spoke at the General Assembly, said, “The proposal for the tariff change proposal, which was referred to our commission at the 1st meeting of the assembly meeting on 16 May at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, has been examined by our commission. It held 13 general assemblies, 7 of which were extraordinary. In 11 of these general assemblies, there was a demand for a raise in water tariffs. At the 14th İSKİ General Assembly, which we held this month, CHP and IYI Party groups, not İSKİ management, made an agenda proposal to our assembly with a request for a raise. When he took office, the price of water per cubic meter in 1st level residences was 4 TL, while Istanbul ranked 21st in water price among metropolitan cities, while water prices in 1st level residences increased more than 2 times in the 3 years of the current IMM administration, and rose to 8.33 TL. It has risen from the 21st step to the 10th step. If we had implemented the demand for the price increase, the most expensive water among the metropolitan cities would have been sold in Istanbul. As a result, since the last increase in water tariffs was made in April at the request of the İSKİ administration, which is affiliated to the İBB, we consider it appropriate by our commission to return the increase in the 2022 Water and Wastewater tariffs demanded by the CHP and IYI Party groups today to be put on the agenda for discussion at the next ordinary general assembly. .
IMM management made a 49.9 percent increase in the 2nd Extraordinary General Assembly of İSKİ held on April 5, and water unit fees rose from 5.56 lira to 8.33 TL.
In addition, the tariff proposal for the price of 2022 water sales and disposal of used water was returned to the Tariff Commission on the grounds that it was out of date.
In the General Assembly, it was accepted to transfer an additional appropriation of 3 billion 176 million TL to İSKİ.

İSKİ 2021 Annual Report was rejected by the AK Party and MHP groups in the voting held after the speeches made on behalf of groups and individuals regarding the activity report presented by the institution at the İSKİ General Assembly.
In the voting, İSKİ 2021 Annual Report was voted 141 negative votes against 97 votes. However, the 2021 Activity Report of the General Directorate of İSKİ was legally approved, since the negative votes could not achieve the quorum amount of 3/4 specified in the 4th paragraph of the 26th article of the municipal law numbered 5393.
The Final Account of İSKİ’s Financial Reports for 2021 was accepted with a majority of votes despite 145 votes and 47 rejections.

At the general assembly, Attorney Sibgetullah Şahin and Financial Advisor Mehmet Erikçi were elected as İSKİ auditors. The İSKİ Audit Report for 2021 was accepted unanimously as a proposal. The İSKİ Board of Directors Audit Committee Audit Report for 2021 was unanimously accepted as a proposal decision.

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