Horrifying father in the emergency room: Something like this may have happened

Orhan Dağlı visited his daughter İremnur D. in a private hospital on İnönü Street on Friday last week. After the visit, Orhan Dağlı asked his daughter to return home with him. When his daughter gave a negative response to this request, an argument broke out. Orhan Dağlı, who used violence against his daughter during the discussion, also attacked the health workers who wanted to prevent him with a knife. Dağlı, who swung the knife around him and did not let anyone near him, injured the ambulance driver Bülent Arık in both arms. It was stated that Arık, who was treated at the hospital, is in good health. Orhan Dağlı, who escaped after he had moments of fear in the hospital with a knife, was caught by the police and taken into custody. The moment of the incident was reflected on the security camera.


Orhan Dağlı, who was transferred to the courthouse after his statement at the police station, claimed that he pulled a knife to protect himself during the prosecution’s interrogation. Dağlı said, “I am an epileptic patient. I went to the hospital with my daughter on the date of the incident. There was a small argument between me and my daughter. Later, I went out, when 10-15 people came on me, I pulled a knife to protect myself. This may have happened because I was taking medication for my illness. I do not accept the accusation, I demand to be released pending trial,” he said.
Orhan Dağlı, who was appointed as a judge on duty after the prosecution proceedings, was arrested and put in prison. (DHA)

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