The wheat stock model of Prophet Yusuf will be applied

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisiin the country”Future Project for Agricultural Productionat the opening of Russia-Ukraine He made statements about the difficulties faced by Egypt in connection with the increase in grain prices and fluctuations in supply due to the war.

Abdulfettah es-SisiStating that the exporters in these countries were adversely affected due to the war with Russia and Ukraine, Sweetcorn He noted that this year has been a difficult year in terms of obtaining sufficient grain stocks for

mist, Prophet Yusuf timely”to famine” referring to Prophet JosephHe stated that they will take wheat stock model as basis and give importance to wheat stock file.

Egypt is considered to be one of the largest wheat consumers in the world, with an annual average of 23 million tons of wheat, 9 million tons of which is domestic production and 14 million tons is imported.

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