Taliban calls: return to Afghanistan

Established on March 16 for the return of Afghans abroad to their countries. “Communication and Return” commission, capital KabulHe started his work with the press conference held in .

Taliban of the provisional government Deputy Minister of Mines and Petroleum, Head of Communication and Return Commission Şahabuddin DilaverIn his speech at the meeting, he said that all the politicians who fought against them in the last 20 years were forgiven and they wanted them to return to their countries.

Shahabuddin Dilaver, AfghanistanReminding that Afghanistan is also the country of the Afghans in question, he stated that the politicians returning to the country will be given a certificate of trust and temporary accommodation will be provided by ensuring their safety.

Commission’s Spokesperson Ahmadullah Vasik He also noted that the commission would first create a list of all politicians abroad and gather information about them, and then contact them. Vasik stressed that Afghans returning to the country will not be arrested or tortured, and will be given protection if they feel unsafe.

After the Taliban took over Kabul on August 15, many people left the country.

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