Birthday surprise for İlber Ortaylı at the fair

At the 12th Kocaeli Book Fair organized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, historian, academician and writer İlber Ortaylı met with his fans and readers.

Expressing that he has been careful to attend the Kocaeli Book Fair since the first year it was organized, Prof. Dr. Ortaylı was met with great interest from his readers.

Signing his books to his fans, Prof. Dr. Meanwhile, Ortaylı was given a surprise birthday by the Metropolitan Municipality. Ortaylı, who saw the cakes that came as soon as he signed the books, blew out the candles with great surprise.

Ortaylı, who later gave advice to the young people, said, “You have no choice but to study to improve yourself. My advice to millions of young people in Kocaeli is to read a lot.”

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