The taste is in my palate, the smell is in my nose…

The father of medicine, who lived in his birthplace for many years before he went to the mainland. In fact, the fame of the island goes back to the Carians, 4 thousand years ago. After the knights, the Ottoman Navy, the Italian administration, the British rule, it was left to Greece after the Second World War. A quarter of the island population understands Turkish, or you understand Greek after three or four hours. When they approach each other humanely, the eyes are enough to agree. No need for English. When you take the first step to the island, you smell the meeting of tourism and history.

Let’s put Turkish tourists aside, as it is 45 minutes away from Bodrum Harbor and 30 minutes from Akyarlar. The British, Dutch, Belgians and Germans are heavily dependent. There is even a Dutch hotel right behind the castle, on the coastline overlooking Bodrum. We ask the operator if we can enter the sea from there; “If you’re Dutch, a sunbed is free for a glass of frappe,” she says. Then he quickly adds: “Just kidding, it’s free for you too. As long as you sunbathe, swim, eat and drink here…”

Of course, the fact that it has an international airport that hosts 4-5 charter flights a day from Athens also plays a role in this Western and Northern European interest. “The airport was built for warplanes, but it gave life to tourism,” says one of the island’s ancients.

When you go to Kos, you don’t think about the mutual squabbles between the politicians of the two countries. Because the beach is so beautiful; especially if you print 10 Euros per person and go to Kefalos beach by bus; and if you happen to go to Eleni’s restaurant by the sea and taste half hot, half cold stuffed moussaka and ouzo, don’t go to your pleasure. No, do not be afraid, because the Euro has become 16 liras. Believe me, after the price hikes of Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey, the ouzo you will drink on the island is so cheap than the raki in Turkey or the local beer of mythos you will sip!

Anyway; Speaking of Kefalos, its sea smells of history, historical sea. When you face the sea on the beach, be sure to stop by the open museum on your right. If you are a bit curious, visit the Odeon, Agora Ruins, and Asklepion. Again, in the evening, taste Yorgo’s (Giorgios) mixed seafood grill menu right across the harbor. You pay 40 Euros per person including resin wine and ouzo. But the taste of that summer evening stays on our palate for a long time. Especially, isn’t there the smell of grilled octopus rested in island-style wine!..

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