İsmail Kartal bid farewell to Fenerbahçe! “Whatever is good, let it be”


Congratulating his players for their performances this season, Kartal continued as follows:

“When I took office in the middle of the season, whatever I said, whatever message I gave, they received very well. They supported us, we showed a very good reaction to them with the energy they gave. My whole dream was to create a team that would bring the Fenerbahçe spirit back to life. I said I realized everything I said. I think I’m at the same point where I was that day. I will never forget our fans. With the respect and faith we have for each other, we have achieved these. We have overcome everything. We have reached this level with the work we have done in Samandıra. The biggest shareholder is my players. I congratulate my players, they Thank you. We moved forward with the energy that our fans gave us. We did not embarrass them. We tried our best to make them happy and I think we did.”

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