Trabzonspor players experienced the championship again

Trabzonspor players Berat Özdemir, Yusuf Erdoğan, Stefano Denswil and Tymoteusz Puchacz relived their championship moments with VR (virtual reality) glasses technology.

Visiting the “Maximum Reality” booth set up in a shopping center in the city, the football players watched with virtual reality glasses the moments before and after the Antalyaspor match, where they announced the championship in the season where they reached the happy end with the burgundy-blue team, as well as the championship celebrations and the moments that took place in the cup ceremony.

It was seen that the football players were excited and had joyful moments from time to time while watching the images. Meanwhile, some fans cheered for Trabzonspor and the players.


Berat Özdemir, in a statement to reporters after the event, said that he enjoyed watching the footage.

Explaining that everyone’s feet were shaking with excitement in the locker room before the Antalyaspor match, Özdemir said that they experienced great joy with the end of the match.

“After the final whistle of the match, we didn’t realize that there were so many people on the field. We thank you all for being with us in this beautiful enthusiasm and ambiance, for providing us with this beautiful environment. I did not expect this much maximum reality. I am so excited right now, my feet are shaking. It’s like There is a match soon, it seems like we will play. We have come to the end of a very good season together. It is good that I am from Trabzonspor, I am from Trabzonspor, the champion is Trabzonspor.”


Emphasizing that he could not understand the emotions people are experiencing at that moment, Yusuf Erdoğan said, “We experienced an incredible stress, incredible joy, incredible tension. The moment I got out of bed in the morning of the Antalya match, I felt cramps in both my back muscles. Because it was such a stressful day. We woke up to an unforgettable day. I realized how much adrenaline I was experiencing when I watched it right now. It’s incredible technology.” said.

Thanking the fans, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“I’m glad you came, thank you. We have had moments that we will never forget in my life. We have many young brothers here, our mature brothers have waited for these moments, but they are very lucky that they enjoyed this victory at a young age. This is not the end, it is a beginning. I have been before. “I told you that we will win a lot of trophies from this country. That’s why this is the beginning. Hopefully, we say ‘this year that year, every year from now on”.

Stefano Denswil, on the other hand, explained that he was aware of how he felt on the day of the championship, and that they were very stressed, especially on the day of the match. he said.

Tymoteusz Puchacz also stated that he thought he was acting very relaxed and calm in the Antalyaspor match, but he realized that he was very stressed after watching the footage.

The players of the burgundy-blue team signed jerseys for the fans at the end of the event.

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