The contracts signed by Ersin Destanoğlu and Rıdvan Yılmaz were not considered valid.

Scandalous details have emerged regarding the contract of two successful football players, Rıdvan Yılmaz and Ersin Destanoğlu, trained by Beşiktaş’s infrastructure in recent years.

The 2 players, who won the championship last season with the black and white jersey that they started to wear when they were children, were promoted to the A National team; He began to receive offers from Europe.

Rıdvan and Ersin signed their first professional contract with Beşiktaş in September 2019. It was decided to renew the contracts made until 2023 after 1 year.


NTV SportsAccording to the news of , as a result of the negotiations in December 2020, a 5-year agreement was reached with Rıdvan and Ersin; Contracts that will expire in 2025 have been signed. However, Beşiktaş Club did not forward the contracts to the Turkish Football Federation. Because of this situation, the signatures were not considered valid.

Since the new contracts have not become official, the contracts of Rıdvan Yılmaz and Ersin Destanoğlu with Beşiktaş will expire in June 2023, as in the first case.

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