They opened the Turkish Flag with the Portrait of Atatürk at sea in Kadıköy

19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day was celebrated with enthusiasm in Kadıköy.

Respect for the Deep Diving SocietyA Respect to Ancestor Youth Diving event was organized by the Turkish Fishmen Club and Piri Reis University in Caddebostan Beach.

The 18 divers who entered the sea belonged to the British Painter Ned Pamphilon.Samsun on HorsebackThe painting ‘da’, which Atatürk drew by emphasizing his blue eyes,Ataturk’s Eyes‘ picture copied and the Turkish Flag opened under the sea.

Divers then brought the flag and pictures to the surface of the sea. Lighting torches in the water, the divers sang the İzmir Anthem and the 10th Anniversary March.

Alp Armutlu, press spokesperson of the Respect to the Deep Diving GroupOn May 19, 1919, the spirit that Gazi Mustafa Kemal ignited 103 years ago in Samsun, 103 years later, again here in Caddebostan, by organizing a sports event with the youth as the Turkish Fishmen Club, Piri Reis University and Respect to the Deep Diving Group. we are living.

The painting ‘In Samsun on Horseback’ by the British Painter Ned Pamphilon, a copy of the painting ‘Atatürk’s Eyes’ drawn by Atatürk by emphasizing his blue eyes, and we raised our Turkish flag from the sea to the surface. We take care to realize this on November 10, October 29, and May 19 and hold this event.

Our aim is to gather young people who are interested in the sea, who pay attention to sea sports, environmentalism of the sea, and the cleanliness of the sea, together around Atatürk’s line. Happy 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day of the Turkish nation” said.

Attractive to Rain from DiversI am very happy to be together with the Fishmen Association and the Respect to the Deep Platform at this proud event. Thank you very much everyone‘ he said.

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