Reaction from the Ministry of National Defense to Greece’s “Pontus” claim

In a written statement regarding some of the events and statements made in Greece today, the Ministry said, “We completely reject the ‘Pontus’ claims of the Greek authorities, who reject all kinds of rational and logical truths and persistently continue their efforts to distort historical reality by ignoring it.” expressions were used.

In the statement, it was stated that the immoral attitude of the Greek politicians, who openly lied to both their own people and the whole world by making these baseless allegations, was condemned and the following was noted:

“If Greece is looking for a disgraceful reality of the past, it must face the blood-curdling atrocities of its ancestors who brutally invaded and invaded Anatolia. This crime against humanity committed by the Greeks, who made barbaric massacres in Anatolia, regardless of children, women or the elderly, was included in the Report of the Allied States Investigation Commission. and the Lausanne Peace Treaty. Those who try to create an artificial agenda such as hostility to Turkey at every opportunity are in vain.

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