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There was a change of duties in the AK Party Parliamentary Group. Group Deputy Chairman Denizli Deputy Cahit Özkan was replaced by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Justice Committee and Bartın Deputy Yılmaz Tunç. Abdullah Güler, AK Party Istanbul Deputy and Member of the Justice Commission, was appointed to the place vacated by Tunç.

First statement from AK Party Denizli Deputy Cahit Özkan

Özkan, in his statement on his social media account, said, “As a result of the consultations we have made with our esteemed Group President and our colleagues, I have asked for my forgiveness from my duty as AK Party Group Deputy Chairman, which I have been carrying out for 4 years.” made statements.

Özkan stated that he is grateful to the President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for the trust he has placed in himself and the responsibilities he has given him so far.

“The main thing in the AK Party is not office and position, but duties and responsibilities. As a soldier under the leadership of our President, I will continue to work with all my efforts to fulfill my duties and responsibilities to the end.”


AK Party Group President İsmet Yılmaz shared on his social media account that Cahit Özkan’s request for amnesty was accepted as a result of the evaluation, and thanked him for his services so far.

Change of job in AK Party


Lawyer; He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law. He completed his master’s degree in IU Social Sciences Institute Financial Law Department.

He served as AK PARTY Pendik Founding District President and Pendik Municipality Council Member. He was elected as Bartın Deputy in the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th terms. He was a member of the AK PARTİ Group Board of Directors. He served as the Spokesperson of the Justice Commission.

Tunç, who speaks intermediate level English, is married and has 3 children.

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