Anadolu Efes’ Vasilije Micic brought the final with a three-pointer in the last second.

Vasilije Micic spoke after the match in Anadolu Efes, which made it to the final by defeating Olympiakos 77-74 in THY EuroLeague.

Bringing Anadolu Efes to the final with a three-pointer in the last second, the star said, “It was like the match in the regular season. I missed the previous shots, but I finally shot this shot. The shot went in. We are not jealous of each other with Shane. It doesn’t matter who shot this shot.”

Continuing his statements, Micic said, “I felt that I had to do something on the last ball. It was a very difficult shot. I am very happy. It was very special to go to the final. I used an early shot in Piraeus in the last seconds. He missed that day. He entered today.”


Referring to his performance, the veteran basketball player said, “Today I started a little strange. I never plan the game. I had to stay calm. We got an incredible first half contribution from Shane. He caught fire. He kept us in the game. Elijah was very good. When the game went well, I thought I had to believe in myself. “My energy dropped a lot with the shots I missed, but I stayed calm. In matches like this, everything changes in 1 minute, 1 second. If you couldn’t, you had a bad character. I missed shots but then I threw them. It was just about staying patient.”

Referring to the atmosphere, Micic said, “This hall is always full of Olympiakos fans. I am from Belgrade. This is my city. I am happy if I make the children of this city happy.”

Micic finally said, “I grew up in Serbia. This atmosphere is normal for me. It’s not a surprise for me. I’ve heard Olympiakos and Fenerbahce fans since I was a kid. Whatever happens outside of the court, you have to focus on the field. This is not a fighting game, it’s basketball. You have to be smart and play to the end,” he said.

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