‘Why do they come at me so much?’

The trial of the man named Mesut Öztürk, who strangled and murdered Aslıhan Öztürk, whom he was married to, in the Alanya district of Antalya continued. At the fourth hearing held at the Alanya 2nd High Criminal Court, the mother of the complainant Cemile Koçak, father Avni Koçak and the lawyers of the parties were present.

Mesut Öztürk (29) joined from Alanya L Type Prison, where he was detained, via Audio and Visual Information System (SEGBİS). In the opinion of the Prosecutor’s Office, the accused Mesut Öztürk demanded an aggravated life sentence without unjust provocation for the crime of intentionally and deliberately killing his wife.

Cemile Koçak, mother of Aslıhan Öztürk, who lost her life in the incident, demanded that Mesut Öztürk, who killed her daughters, receive the heaviest punishment.


The defendant Mesut Öztürk, whose demand was asked against the opinion, stated that he did not accept the opinion, “Why do they come over me so much. Who will take care of my 2 children. They need me” said.

The lawyers of the complainant stated that action was taken against the defendant because he had been beaten twice before. Lawyers defending that the accused did so deliberately and with a monstrous feeling, because he took precautions to prevent the victim from leaking urine, threw his belongings in different places, left his mobile phone at the gas station and went to bury it, and did so by choosing places where there was no camera, “We want the accused to be punished in the most severe way. We also demand that no reduction in discretion be applied.” they used the phrase.


Defendant’s lawyer, arguing that the opinion was given as an outcry to the law, requested additional time from the court to collect the evidence. The court board decided to continue the detention of the accused Mesut Öztürk and postponed the hearing.


Stating that he had not heard from his wife Aslıhan Öztürk on May 20, 2021, Mesut Öztürk filed a missing persons complaint. Police teams deepened the investigation by suspecting his wife, Mesut Öztürk, whom they followed technically and physically in their investigations.

It was determined that Mesut Öztürk was carrying his wife to the vehicle, wrapped in a carpet, during the surveillance of the teams in Konaklı Mahallesi. The gendarmerie, who acted upon this, caught and detained Mesut Öztürk.

Öztürk, who was taken to the police station, confessed his crime and said that he had buried his wife.

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