The US knows that Turkey is not a reliable partner

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Washingtonmet in .

Dendias and Blinken held a joint press conference after the bilateral meeting.

Nikos DendiasPrime Minister of Greece Kiryakos Mitsotakis with the President of the United States Joe Biden Pointing out that the meeting was productive and positive, he said that bilateral relations will be further strengthened.

Dendias, Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ speech to the US Congress Greece He said it was a historic success for him.


Dendias, referring to Prime Minister Mitsotakis’ speech to the US Congress, “Prime Minister Mitsotakis made it clear in his speech to Congress: In general, not just the US government or the US President, but the US as a whole now knows that Greece is a staunch ally” said.


Nikos Dendias, Turkeyreferring to, “The United States understood that Turkey is a strange partner, a country that does not hesitate to break the rules and often acts with strong revisionism” he said.

Dendias, referring to the relations with Turkey, “What does Greece face in the eastern Mediterranean at a time when NATO is supposed to unite? What do Turkish provocations on Greek soil and Greek islands mean?” said.

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