The tree at the school entrance fell in the wind in Bursa, 1 person was injured

The incident occurred at around 15.30 in the Kemalpaşa District of İnegöl district. The fig tree at the entrance of Bakyapı Hacı Ali Bakgör Secondary School and İshakpaşa Primary School fell down due to the southwesterly.

Meanwhile, Emel Enis, who was under the tree, was slightly injured, while two parked cars and a motorcycle were damaged. With the notice, health, fire and police teams were sent to the scene.

The injured was taken to İnegöl State Hospital by ambulance after the intervention of the medical team. The fallen tree was removed with the work done by the firefighters.

On the other hand, the moment of the tree falling was reflected in a security camera in the vicinity. When the tree fell, it was seen that students from both schools were waiting in the garden to sing the National Anthem.

Ziya Ülgen stated that he got rid of being under the tree in seconds, “I was standing by the tree. I parked my motorcycle under the tree. I thought there was an earthquake. That’s when I ran. The tree fell after me. We rescued the woman who was under the tree. It happened just as the students lined up for the National Anthem. If it had been after school, it would have been a disaster. We took out my motorcycle that was under the tree” said.

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