Terrible accident in Denizli: A family disappeared

In a traffic accident that occurred on the Kudret Çalık Boulevard on the Denizli – Çivril highway on Tuesday, May 17, in the morning; The car with license plate 20 LV 048 under the direction of Hüseyin Erten (28) hit the tour with plate 15 SE 473 parked on the side of the road from behind.


The car’s driver, Hüseyin Erten, and his nurse wife Yasemin Erten (25), which was scrapped by the impact of the collision, lost their lives in the accident, where the five-year-old sons of the couple, Osman Erten, who were severely injured, were transferred to Pamukkale, where they were transferred after their first treatment at Çivril Şehit Hilmi Öz State Hospital. Despite all the interventions at the University Hospital, he could not be saved.

The bodies of Erten couple and their son Osman, who lost their lives in the accident, were sent off side by side on their last journey in Düzbel District of Çivril district.


The tragic accident in which the driver Hüseyin Erten, his wife Yasemin Erten and their son Osman Erten died, was reflected on the security camera of a workplace in the region, second by second. In the footage of the accident in which a family was destroyed, there were moments when the car driven by Hüseyin Erten quickly hit the parked truck from behind, and the vehicle, which was stuck like an arrow, turned into scrap.

On the other hand, the truck driver Adil A., who was detained in connection with the accident, was referred to the court after the deposition. Claiming that he had to park his car on the side of the road because of a flat tire, Adil A. said, “Causing the death of more than one person by endangering traffic safety” He was arrested for the crime and sent to prison.

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