SADAT move from CHP: ‘Relations must be revealed’

In the research proposal submitted to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, signed by CHP Group Deputy Chairmen Engin Altay, Özgür Özel and Engin Özkoç; In order to investigate the activities of SADAT and to determine the measures to ensure election security, it was requested to establish a research commission in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The following evaluations were made in the rationale for the proposal.

“SADAT International Defense Consulting Construction Industry and Trade Inc. The articles of association of the company, which was established in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, was registered in 2012. In the main contract of the company, the purpose of the company is to open tenders and enter tenders for international defense consultancy, organization of security forces, training of security forces, production of clothing and food needed by security forces from the relevant country, Turkey and third countries, purchase-sale, supply and supply. is expressed as ‘giving, receiving offers, importing and exporting’. According to its articles of association, the company can market, provide training, provide training, supply, wholesale and retail trade, import and export of all kinds of hunting weapons, fire and beam weapons, bullets and cartridges belonging to these weapons, and all kinds of services and materials suitable for this purpose. It can build and operate shooting ranges, get MKE dealership, buy and sell gun parts, and do international subcontracting.


It is stated that SADAT provides training in sniping, irregular warfare, residential area operations, and tank hunting, but whether SADAT gives these trainings to the Turkish Armed Forces, the National Intelligence Organization, the General Directorate of Security, and in which countries abroad trainings are given. There is no information about it. Considered as a paramilitary organization, SADAT also provides training in the fields of sabotage, raiding, ambush, assassination and terror. Adnan Tanriverdi, who is the largest shareholder of the company and once served as the Chief Advisor to the President, is remembered for his words that all his proposals for the restructuring of the Armed Forces were implemented after the July 15 coup attempt. It is understood that a series of changes were made at the request of the SADAT Company, from the abolition of the military judiciary to the structure of the Supreme Military Council, from the connection of the Gendarmerie General Command to the Ministry of Interior, to the structure of military schools.


In addition, Tanriverdi; It should not be forgotten that he is a former brigadier general who also worked on the writing of the Constitution of the Confederation of Islamic Countries, whose capital is Istanbul, and whose official language is Arabic. It is claimed that our country, which has a very deep-rooted state and army tradition, has committed a mistake, such as putting the military goals of a paramilitary company in the direction of the goals of a paramilitary company. With this company, which is stated to have played a major role in the process of civil war and internal turmoil in Syria and the influx of refugees from this country to Turkey, the State of the Republic of Turkey, the Presidency, the General Staff, the General Directorate of Security, the Presidency of the National Intelligence Organization. It is essential to clarify what kind of relations between . External forces are cited by the ruling party as the cause of all the negativities in Turkey. The ruling party is always trying to keep alive the paranoia of foreign powers, which it has put forward against the domestic public as a part of its policy of fear. SADAT is the first thing that comes to mind as a structure that foreign powers can apply within Turkey, considering their fields of work and the services they provide, as a structure suitable for this discourse that the ruling party is trying to spread.

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