Republic Torch Türkan Saylan

Date: May 18, 2009…

It’s been 13 years since a great person passed away from these lands.

I’m talking about Türkan Saylan, the torch of the republic, who gave thousands of students a future with her scholarships and fought against darkness and ignorance throughout her life.

Today, I wanted to let’s not forget this beautiful person who struggled against those who tried to extinguish the education light he lit in our country, and to tell the generations who did not know him…

He wants to write so many things that people want to write for him…

Whatever we write, something will always be missing, right?

It is a fact that Türkan Saylan was always a different person throughout her life.

According to him, he wasn’t actually doing anything, he was just making people believe he could do it.

Perhaps her biggest battle was towards girls’ education and creating equal opportunities in education.

For this reason, it continues to live with its dreams and projects in the hearts of thousands of young people and companions whose education they support, and it will continue to do so.

He always sought to explain success to people, to guide them, to pave the way.

His ideal was to do good and right without being stuck with negativity.

For years, he worked for the human model who questioned, criticizes, thought and followed the path of modernity without getting tired and giving up.

For this reason, he defined modernization with humanistic and humanistic values.

Because of the bigoted mentality that opposes this idea, there is nothing left!

Even the slanders and injustices made against him did not deter him from his path for one day.

Even the unfair practices he suffered in the last days of his life did not demoralize him, did not break his working power. The calmness and kindness he showed while his house was being searched has been etched in our memories in an unforgettable way.

There is a democratic, secular and social rule of law that respects human rights; Longing for a Turkey where its legal, political, economic, cultural and social position has improved has passed away from this world…

Our biggest consolation was that the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, which he founded, followed in Atatürk’s footsteps and continued to fight against those who aim to forget Atatürk.

Happily, Association for Supporting Contemporary Life; He continues to keep the idea alive with a free and loud voice despite the bigots who are afraid not only of the past but also of the future…

There is a lot to be said for this person who has been instrumental in educating hundreds of thousands of children and getting out of the dark by putting up a great struggle against ignorance, which is the basis of all kinds of discrimination, and who has worked to bring Atatürk’s principles and revolutions to life with the basic qualities of democracy.

However, I think it will suffice if we say briefly, “It is a life devoted to serving humanity and enlightenment”.

As a citizen, I commemorate Türkan Saylan, who brought snowdrops to light, turned hope into a miracle, aroused joy in hearts, represented the modern Turkish woman in the best possible way, and is the name of the self-sacrifice Türkan Saylan with endless gratitude.

I promise that we will never forget the valuable services of Türkan Saylan and that we will never wither the sprouts of education that she has grown.

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