NATO warning from Russia to Sweden: Our response will depend on armament

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairsof Sweden and Finland NATOHe made a statement about the membership process to .

In a written statement from the ministry, Sweden’s Moscow ambassador Malena MardOn the Swedish government’s decision to join NATO Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir TitovIt is stated that he gave information to .

Pointing out that the Russian side has made official statements many times regarding Sweden’s stance on NATO’s participation, this stance is “The choice of ways to ensure national security is the sovereign right of every state, but that this should not pose a threat to the security of other countries” was also noted to be based on his opinion.


In the statement, “Our response and possible retaliatory measures, including on military-technical aspects, will depend on the real consequences of Sweden’s integration into the North Atlantic Alliance, including the deployment of foreign military bases and offensive weapons systems on Swedish soil.” statement was included.

At the initiative of Russia’s neighboring countries in northern Europe Council of Baltic Sea States and Arctic Council It was emphasized that regional cooperation structures, including

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